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Repo Structure and Lesson Plan Template

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A short paragraph explaining what is covered in the lesson plan. This should be text that can be copied and used in a meetup or workshop description.


After completing this lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Objective 1
  • Objective 2

It’s required that you include a bulleted list of objective(s) for each lesson plan. Objectives should be worded as actions that the participant can do once they’ve finished. See Bloom’s Taxonomy of Action Verbs (PDF) as a reference. Avoid using words like “know,” “understand,” “be introduced to,” etc.

Target Audience

Who is this lesson intended for? What interests/skills would they bring? Choose all that apply.

  • Users
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Speakers
  • All

Experience Level

How much experience would a participant need to get the most from this lesson?

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Any

Type of Instruction

Which strategies will be used for this lesson plan? Choose all that apply.

  • Demonstration
  • Discussion
  • Exercises
  • Feedback
  • Lecture (Presentation)
  • Show & Tell
  • Tutorial

Time Estimate (Duration)

How long will it take to teach this lesson (in minutes)?

____ minutes

Prerequisite Skills

Participants will get the most from this lesson if they have familiarity with:

  • Skill 1
  • Skill 2

For example:

  • Experience with HTML and CSS
  • Completed the Basic WordPress Concepts lesson

Readiness Questions

  • Question 1
  • Question 2

A list of questions for participants to see if they have the background and skills necessary to learn and understand the lesson.

For example:

  • Do you want to makes changes to your theme yourself?
  • Do you know how to write CSS?

Materials Needed

  • Item 1
  • Item 2

A list of files, resources, equipment, or other materials the instructor will need to teach the lesson.

For example:

  • A local install of WordPress
  • The files for the TwentySixteen theme
  • Slides (included in this repo)

Notes for the Instructor

  • Note 1
  • Note 2

A list of any handy tips or other information for the instructor.

For example:

  • Participants may need to download the TwentySixteen theme before beginning

Have You Thought About…?

  • Challenge 1
  • Challenge 2

What could present challenges to delivering this lesson? Is there anything that can be done in advance to prepare for those challenges?

For example:

  • What if there’s no internet available?
  • What if there’s no projector available?
  • What if a participant doesn’t has a WordPress site to work with?
  • What if there aren’t enough computers for everyone?
  • What if no one has the prerequisite skills? What if there are different opinions about the topic?

Lesson Overview

  • First do this
  • Then move on to this
  • Finish with this

The plan for the lesson. Outline form works well.

For example:

  • Talk about what a theme is
  • Demonstrate how to install and activate a theme
  • Practice exercises to have participants find and install a theme on their own site


Exercise name

Short description of what the exercise does and what skills or knowledge it reinforces.

  • Short point or step of the exercise
  • And another one

These are short or specific activities that help participants practice certain components of the lesson. They should not be fully scripted exercises, but rather something that participants could do on their own. For example, you can create an exercise based on one step of the Example Lesson.


Write out the question.

  1. Option
  2. Option
  3. Option
  4. Option

Answer: 3. Correct answer

A few questions to ask participants to evaluate their retention of the material presented. They should be a measure of whether the objectives were reached. Consider having a question for each objective.

Additional Resources

  • Resource 1
  • Resource 2

An optional section which can contain a list of resources that the instructor can use to get more information on the topic.

For example:

  • Link to information on the Codex
  • Theme Review Team’s Handbook

Example Lesson

An example of how the lesson plan can be implemented. Written in script form as one possible way an instructor might use this lesson plan at an event, with screenshots and instructions if necessary.

Section Heading for Example Lesson

You will likely need to break the Example Lesson down into multiple sections.

Lesson Wrap Up

Follow with the Exercises and Assessment outlined above.